Monday, June 23, 2008


Oh, to be a baby again...Garrison fell asleep during one of his feedings and we couldn't help but get a picture or two. He was doing an awful lot of grinning too...not real sure what he could be dreaming about. A cow maybe? I don't know but whatever it is, it sure is sweet to see. Did I mention he sure was a messy eater? He is a messy eater.

Ryleigh Graduates

Well, Ryleigh is a first grader...can you hear my heart breaking? Her ceremony was great and she won a few different awards. She received the Awesome Author award from her teachers because of all of wonderful writing and she received the Art award from her art teacher. She has really surprised us with this talent. We have framed a huge pumpkin picture she did in the fall and she has brought home several sculptures that were amazing. Her art teacher rewarded her for her crafty mind. The last day of school, at her party, her teachers gave away one more set of awards/certificates. You are not going to believe this one...Ryleigh got the best dressed award. Yup, the teacher said it had to do with how well she "accessorized". The lepoard print silk scarf was the topic as well as her lip gloss and her jewelry. Oh boy...I guess I mean...Oh Girl! We are so proud of Ryleigh, our little big first grader!


We were so blessed to be able to go on vacation this year! We tagged along with our best friends Derrick and Betsy Jones and her family. We "vacated" to SurfSide which is near Myrtle Beach. We stayed for almost a whole week and praise the Lord, the weather was wonderful! Garrison wasn't a big fan of either the beach or the pool...not quite a water lover just yet! Next year will be great for him, I hope! We did a lot of things and had so much fun. We had dinners out which were fantastic and dinners in which were just as great! Our favorite memory was when we went to the Water Park. Betsy's mom kept little man for us and we took the girls. Lindsey and I were so proud of both of them! Josey overcame her fear of going under the water and just blew us away with her tenacity. Ryleigh has become a water bug and can swim so very well. She went down a tube/tunnel with about a four foot drop off into water that even Lindsey couldn't touch. She came up out of the water and I just kept encouraging her to swim to the ladder and she rocked it out! The girls also played miniature golf which they had never done before. So, between the beach, the pool, the water park, golf and all the friends, vacation was amazing!