Friday, August 29, 2008

First Days of School!

Good Morning Sleeping Beauties - it's time to go to SCHOOL!!!!!!!
Here's a picture of Josey giving her teacher, Ms. Holly, a present for her first day!

Well, it's official...I have two kids in school - yikes! That doesn't make me old, it does, however, make me tired! The reason I don't have pictures of the girls in their "specially picked out dresses" is because I can't figure out how to rotate their pictures from the long way to fit onto the blog - I welcome any help! Anyway, Ryleigh had a great first day with a wonderful teacher named Mrs. Woeste (pronounced Wasty). I asked her what her favorite thing about her was and Ryleigh smiled and said, "I like her face". She's pretty and apparently that speaks to Ryleigh. Josey's first day was great too! She got in the car after her day and I asked her if she had fun and replied, "yeah...I learnded a lot!" We have a little to work on...Now, for the picture of Garrison. We had just dropped JoJo off at school for the first day and I asked Garrison what he thought about having mommy all to himself. Yes, that is the response of a mama's boy!!

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jody said...

Thats so much fun the first day of school. Josey's teacher looks just like Aunt Mary, and I love Joseys hair she looks sassy.