Friday, August 29, 2008

Happy First Day

Welcome to our "Happy First Day" party. You have to sing it to the tune of "happy birthday" - like this: Happy first day to you, Happy first day to you, happy first day, Ryleigh, Kyle and Josey, Happy first day to you -cha,cha,cha!" Fun huh! We celebrate the first day of school with our best friends The Jones. Kyle is going into the first grade at Kennedy, Ryleigh at Holsenbeck, and our newest member of the cool school group is JoJo. She is going to pre-K three days a week at Union Baptist, which is our church. We had dinner together, ice cream cake and of course, a fun run thru the banner. Our hope is to get the kids excited about school - it seems to work...for now. Wait until their a senior in high school and have to run thru a banner - I can see their eyes roll now! I'll just smile and sing, "Happy First Day to you"!!

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khaliah08 said...

SO I ask myself...who's the hot lady with the video camera...ohyeah...that's my aunt karen!!!