Friday, January 23, 2009


I just needed to fill you in on a little addiction I's called FaceBook. There must be a 12 step program...I'm waiting for it...Seriously though, Lindsey and I have just gotten into facebook and it allows you to connect with people you literally haven't seen in years and helps you keep up with those you may see every day. So, if you have a facebook account, please look us up. We have our own accounts so you'll have to ask both of us to be your friend...please? I have said it's like being thrown back to the worst time in your life...Middle ask people to be your friend and HOPE they accept you. I will tell you this, it has renewed and reminded me of how many people are hurting and just need to be loved. I see their picture pop up and I am able to pray for them or send them some encouragement. I love how the Lord can use technology to glorify Him while meeting the needs of His people. I'd encourage you, if you are a FB user, you know who you are, to use this as a ministry tool. Not that you HAVE to tell people you are praying for them, but you could. It is such a visual reminder that we have so much work to do here on earth. God's people, whether they are His children or His creation, are hurting and in need of love. Lifting them up in prayer, lovin' on them as needed, and caring about them just might be what it takes to bring them Home. Anyway...I'm addicted...and I'm not ashamed.

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