Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Inspirational Story

Most of you know that I host a local talk show called "Talk of the Town". Now, I know that you are surprised it is a "talk" show and that I'm loving it, but I digress. I just wanted to encourage you to watch the show this week especially as there is a very special young man that I want you to meet. His name is Eric Redmon and he puts life in total perspective for most of us. The show is on Channel 24 if you have Comcast. If you don't, you can watch it via Live Video Stream by going to http://www.wctv24.com/ and clicking on Live Video Stream. You will need to tune in during the actual show times which are: Monday-Friday 8am, 7pm, and 12 midnight. I pray that he encourages and inspires you just as he did me and the rest of our production crew.

Just for your entertainment, my tag line at the end of the show is "Remember, every time you invest in or serve our community, you just might become the Talk of the Town" (yes, I made that up) Anyone interested in being the next guest???

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Kimberlee said...

lovely tag line! You're just amazing like that!