Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Dressin' Up!

What do a Ballerina, A Bride, and A Giraffe all have in common? Their last name is Allen! Halloween was a fun time to dress up and get some teeth-rotting candy! Ryleigh knew she wanted to be a ballerina for months. We bought her outfit and she had it all planned out! On the other hand, Josey change her mind EVERYDAY! It wasn't until she came down the stairs before we were ready to leave that I knew what she would be. A bride...A bride??? I almost threw up. She might as well have actually gotten married to a real boy that day - it was too much for Lindsey and I! Then there was our precious giraffe. He cracked me up and was way too cute for words! I never thought I'd have room enough in my heart for a Ballerina, a Bride AND a giraffe, but I do!

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Captured Photography said...

Hi Karen...You don't know me, but I happened upon your blog searching for Lindsey! (We were old friends in high school at Central)--he's one of the only people I care to catch up with from high school and can't seem to find on facebook, etc. (Although he didn't strike me as a facebook kind of guy :) My name is Jessica Floyd (Mills--now) I was so excited to find your blog and read all about your beautiful little family! God is good! We are in Warner Robins Georgia...I am married with three babies too! I am a photographer here and my hubby works for Geico...anyway, just wanted to catch up with him sometime...my info is on my website: www.capturedphotographywr.com

Hope I don't seem too weird leaving you a message like this, but just thought I'd take a chance to catch up! :)


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