Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Here's the latest on the show biz scene. The meeting in Bethesda went well. I have to say that I just might get used to the "star" treatment. We were picked up in a limo at the D.C. airport with our production company "Seven Star Media" on it. We ate lunch at a fancy French restaurant - I'm not sure what I ordered, even more disturbing is that I don't know exactly what I ate. We met with all the folks and pitched our show and our ideas. Then, we flew back home that evening. Jimmy Carter was on our flight home and shook every one's hand on the plane. I have to say that I felt mighty safe with all of his secret service guys with their earpieces in. They were probably listening to music, but whatever. After several weeks of them meeting with their alliance partners (Home Depot to name one) and then just last week they received their numbers for the last quarter and had the worst quarter in their history, money has become a huge factor as the economic crisis is not bias on who it destroys. With that said, CASE has offered us all their resources but no monthly financial support. They want us to proceed into the Atlanta Market with ION which reaches 2.3 million homes. We are going forward with that and in doing so, hopefully CASE will see the benefits for them. We'll see what God has in store. In the beginning of this, our vision was set on the Atlanta market and that is exactly where we are headed. Our goal is by March 1, 2009, you will see our show, Remodeling: Case by Case on at 9:00 am on ION network for those of you in the surrounding area. Wherever God takes us is exactly where we want to go... Please continue to pray for His best!

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